Asian Alchemy

An Asian drinks industry specialist based in Taipei & London.

As the fastest-growing drinks market in the world, Asia is a major opportunity for brand & company development.

Asian Alchemy offers experience – cultural understanding –
people networks – speed & flexibility

Directors & Associates

Senior Director – Simon Murphy has lived & worked in Asia for over 35 years. Originally with Jardine, Matheson & Co, Simon headed up Moet-Hennessy & Diageo companies in emerging markets, before grass-rooting independent drinks groups in Asia. Linking East & West, Simon works with associates focused on North Asia to build successful partnerships.

Associates in Asia – China/Hong Kong/Taiwan/Japan/South Korea – All associates have blue-chip industry backgrounds, are well connected at a senior level with extensive people networks & a deep understanding of their local markets. Asia is not homogeneous. Markets are different culturally & structurally requiring a country-specific approach.

Commercial Solutions

Asian Alchemy is there to work alongside its partners to support & build a successful business in Asia.

Asian Alchemy can provide both people & business solutions to
meet commercial objectives.

We are flexible in our approach & will tailor our resources to meet a specific brief.


Market entry strategy/Route-to-market

Identification & selection of distribution partners

Market & Brand Planning/Trademark registrations

Financial analysis & planning

Advice on local culture, customs, negotiations, people management

Sourcing of Japanese & other Asian whisky

Japanese Whisky

Asian Alchemy is a specialist in the sourcing of Japanese whisky in bottles & casks. Japanese single malt whisky casks are rarely for sale, however Asian Alchemy & associates have developed relationships with independent distilleries to access casks both for investment & private bottlings. Independent Japanese distilleries are also seeking representation for their brands in international markets.


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Asian Alchemy expertise is built around a few individuals with experience & networks who are fast-moving & adaptable. We provide effective commercial solutions on a case-by-case basis. We want productive & enjoyable partnerships.